Vibration analysis and balancing in the field in Vietnam

In recently years, the industry is increasing in Vietnam. Almost Vietnamese plants are in power, oil, cement, steel, paper, coal mining. But unfortunately, the maintenance technology is not changed. Almost plants are still using maintenance base-on time (or preventive maintenance), even there are Vietnamese companies provide predictive maintenance services.

There are many reasons for that. All workers, staff or even managers have not realized the benefit from vibration analysis. They even do not know what is vibration level or something like that to evaluate the machines, when machine gets high vibration or noise that just touch or hear it. 90% equipment in Vietnamese plants comes from China with low  cost, but unreliability and short life, no body wants to take any diagnosis for these equipment. The preventive maintenance is still famous because they use it for too long time, since 1980s, no body wants to change it.

Many critical equipments use on-line vibration monitoring like turbine-generator, ID fan, big gear box, ... but failures are still occurred, because no action is carried out until vibration level falls to dangerous zone, no analysis is taken.

We are Hanoi development of electrical equipment (HAECO, ), we provide vibration analysis and balancing service. Almost vibration job we got when failures happened. Vibration measurement and do balancing for steam turbine is a big job for us now, thermal power plants are potential customers. At least 7 turbine-generators are treated by vibration diagnosis and balancing in the field. We are very happy now because more and more customers understand and appreciate our services.

Now we get 5 long term agreements for vibration analysis and balancing in the field in two years, and 7 jobs for thermal power plants. Hopefully in near future all Vietnamese plants will change to predictive maintenance.

We grow up by customer's benefits. We are HAECO (

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